Month: May 2016

A 1950s Themed Business Party

When the company I work for decided to have a party celebrating 65 years in business, I suggested that we make it a 1950s themed event since that is when the company first started. Everyone really liked that idea, including the owners, who weren’t even born yet when their parents started the business. They suggested that we do everything 50s style, including our attire. That really got me excited, because I have often admired the way the women in the 1950s dressed. I decided that I wanted to look at swing jurken in particular, because I had just seen a Marilyn Monroe film where she was wearing a dress like that, and it was simply gorgeous.

I looked online, knowing that none of the shops in the area would sell anything like what I wanted. It did not take me long to find exactly what I was looking for. When I saw a red swing dress with white polka dots on it, I knew that it was the one that I wanted. It was simply perfect, with its scoop neck, the cover collar, the short sleeves, and the bandana that was displayed in the picture too.

I was able to get the dress, the bandana and a nice pair of red pumps to match the dress for the same price that I would have spent on a simple dress for the event, had we went with a more modern dress. I was excited though because I knew that I would be wearing this dress more than once. It is just too pretty to wear just to the dinner celebration and then stick in the back of the closet. I also discovered that I have a liking to that style, and I purchased a few other outfits on the same shopping trip.