Day: September 4, 2016

We Rented a Party Bus to Get All of Us to Niagara Falls

Our US relatives have never seen the Falls from the Canadian side. They were coming up to visit, so we figured we would take a trip down to Niagara Falls while they where here. They had just gotten their passports to travel, and their summer vacation was a trip to Great Britain to see relatives there and then to us up in Canada. They only live about three hours from the Falls south of the Canadian border. We rented a party bus limo from to take us all there and back. This way both of our families could ride together in the same vehicle and be comfortable the whole way there and back.

We stocked the beverage bar in the party bus with soft drinks and snacks. You have to have lots of snacks when you have kids along. Not being cramped riding in a couple of minivans really helped the kids be good. They could move around in the party bus. They enjoyed watching stuff on the big flat screen television, and the adults enjoyed conversation. Sure, these buses are made for bachelor and bridal parties as well as weddings and proms, but they also can be put into service for a whole lot of other events too.You do not have to turn on the strobe lights or crank up the music in a party bus. You do not have to dance around the dance pole that is in a lot of models either. You can just enjoy the comfortable room-like seating and climate control.

Party buses have mirrored ceilings and cool LED lighting too. All of that stuff is designed to really enhance a party atmosphere. We rented the bus more for its comfort and having a professional driver. We enjoyed our transportation to Niagara Falls and back, and we were happy to not have any cranky kids because of the fun party bus ride.