Day: September 6, 2016

All the Job Opportunities You Can Get from Going to Music School

When I was growing up all of my friends wanted to learn how to play a musical instrument. Out of all of us only I actually learned music. I have friends who can play some music on a guitar or pick out a tune on a piano. However, I was the only one to want to go to music school to be able to play music and write songs at a professional level. I remember writing songs with my friends as a young teenager. We had all of those emotions, and we put them on paper. They all had varying natural abilities, but they never pursued it professionally. If you want to make a living in music, you need to be a professional. That requires an extraordinary amount of work.

You also need a good school that will help you build a portfolio that you can actually use when you want to go to work. Not everyone who becomes a professional musician is going to be the star. The popular singers all need musicians. The orchestras need musicians. People that want songs written turn to professional songwriters, even those pop stars everyone likes. The biggest musical stars use professional musicians and songwriters to keep their careers going. Rarely is there the big star who does it all on his or her own.

I have played music in studios for recording artists, and I have played on stage for live music. I have had a part in soundtracks for movies and even playing music for commercials for TV and radio. I do well working in the music industry. If you are a real professional, people in the industry will recommend you to others. You will get a name for yourself as someone who can get the job done well. There are many more jobs in music than just being the star.