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Yak Butter and Black Tea: A Journey into Forbidden China
Sanpete Tales: Humorous Folklore From Central Utah
The Wine-dark Sea of Grass
The MTC: Set Apart
On the Side of the Angels
Butterfly Dust
Catherine’s Remembrance
A Sculptor’s Testimony in Bronze and Stone: Sacred Sculpture of Avard T. Fairbanks
The Wings
Clarissa’s Heart
Washed By a Wave of Wind: Science Fiction From the Corridor
Nafanua: Saving the Samoan Rain Forest
I’ll Be Home for Christmas: True Stories for the Season
A Night without Darkness
Worth Their Salt, Too: More Notable but Often Unnoted Women of Utah
Rumors of War
Utah Trivia
A Storyteller in Zion
Future on Fire
Since You Went Away
The Order Is Love (drama)
Trail of Dreams (drama)
Trail of Hope: The Story of the Mormon Trail
Day-Old Child and other Celebrations of Motherhood
As Long As I Have You
Becometh As a Child: A Guide to Healing Emotionally, Growing Spritually, and Experiencing a Change of Heart
Know Your Religions: A Comparative Look at Mormonism and the Community of Christ (Vol. 2 in the Know Your Religions Series.)
The Shakeress
Brigham City (film)
Joyful Noise (drama)
The Way We’re Wired (drama)
They Walked with God: Intimate Biographies of Patriarchs from the Book of Genesis
Favorite Wife, Escape From Polygamy
Mother’s Daze
Encompassing Charity
Wasatch Wildflowers, a field guide
Utah in the Twentieth Century
The Lonely Polygamist: A Novel
Finding God in the Garden, Planting, Pruning and the Plan of Happiness
Talking with God: Divine Conversations That Transform Daily Life
True Miracles with Genealogy: Help from Beyond the Veil
Hidden Wives
The Guardians of the Hidden Scepter
28 Tips to Become a Great Grandpa
The Tomb Builder
Every Man’s Guide To Outdoor Survival
Two Roads
Secrets Kept
Fit for the Kingdom (film projects)
Lifesong (stories & films)
Altmann’s Tongue
Taylor-Made Tales
The Journey
Christmas for a Dollar

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